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We are Saskatoon’s experts in window cleaning condominiums and commercial buildings at height.


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Servicing Saskatoon Windows

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Our Saskatoon Window Cleaning technicians use the best products and make sure that your windowpane, including frames and glass, become streak-free as if they were new. We clean all kinds of dirt, whether it be post construction, weather wear, or pigeon excrement. Whatever it is, don’t worry, we clean it! In Saskatoon, High Rise Window Cleaners offers a full range of services. We will clean not only your glass, but also the frame surrounding it, making it feel brand new.

Our window cleaning experts will convert your windowpanes from dusty to sparkling clean. 

We specialize in rope access window cleaning, enabling our Saskatoon window cleaners to access windowpanes that would otherwise be extremely difficult to reach.

You can be ensured that our experienced rope access teams can access your skylights safely. Each staff member is fully trained to IRATA or SPRAT standards. All of the professional equipment we use is thoroughly inspected and maintained. All recommended safety procedures are complied with and documented. We are fully compliant with all of Saskatoon’s Occupational Health and Safety Standards and recommendations.

We see rope access as a necessary part of our company. That enables us to offer safe work at heights solutions to our customers.

Before we start any project, a comprehensive site-specific Job Scope Analysis and Risk Assessments are produced.

    What services should you expect from High Rise Window Cleaners in Saskatoon?

    •  Clear Windowpanes 
    •  Wipe Down Window Sills
    •  Remove all Cobwebs
    •  Wash Window Frames

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